Gastro, Ear Infections and the Happiest Place on Earth

19 Jun

I have decided to reignite my blog and try to record some of our travel experiences.
With a flight leaving Melbourne on Tuesday morning at 11am, a call from Fairfield Primary at 11am, Monday, to pick up an unwell Tom Tom, was not what I would call a mother’s delight.
My list of ‘to dos’ was already the size of a whole role of toilet paper and a trip to the GP, with Tom Tom clutching his left ear was not in the plan. I called the doctor, legally on hands free, en route to school(I already have a police warning, that occurred while I was stationary, Facebooking on my iphone, at a railway boom gate, while waiting for the slowest train in australia to pass) and booked an appointment for him.
Seconds later, there was a call from Oliver, detailing some restless bowel movements and a plea to pick up some Imodium, prior to departure. OMG, what did I do in my former holidaying life?????
Anyway, after numerous nasal sprays, decongestants, smelling sticks & antibiotics, we were given the green light to fly.
Tuesday morning, was a calmer affair, although Tom Tom kept asking what would happen if his ear drum burst on the plane. Master 11 had filled his good ear with torrid tails of volcanic, high pressured, ear eruptions, that would flow like gooey, pussy, crusty lava, mid air. (Got to love big brothers)
The cab arrived and I delayed him for 15 minutes while i searched frantically for my wallet. I was sure I had packed it but it was not in any of the 350 pockets of our overflowing day bag. Stress and mayhem ensued. Piles of clothes and bedding were flung around and every furrow created by a sheet or blanket was patted flat, but no wallet emerged. No alternative but to leave without it and surrender my self to the prospect of asking Robb for holiday handouts. I hated the thought of him as the Grand Cash Master.
The ever thrifty husband of mine asked me if I had suspended my gym membership as we cruised down Bell st. Of course I hadn’t and I think my glare of disbelief and implied threat of a karate chop to the neck, deterred him form requesting a stop at Genesis, bell St to fill out the forms.
The airport traffic, reminded me of the retro arcade game Frogger. Cars, busses, logs and frogs, needed to be avoided to finally make it to the sliding doors of the terminal. Several snaking lines of thousands, multiple copies of endless forms and a few grim stares from airport officials and we finally found ourselves in the International Departure Lounge.
“COFFEE, I need coffee” I whispered and was guided into the airport VUE. After some nice gulps, I began to feel human again.
“Oh and by the way, happy birthday Oliver” I don’t think he had dared bring attention to himself.
The flight was fairly uneventful. No volcanic ear eruptions, although Tom was white with terrified anticipation, as we took off. We all managed around an hour of kip and arrived in Los Angeles,feeling hazy. Oliver asked for some money to buy a snack. I looked at him incredulously. I think he must have devoured several dozen packets of chips, a beef curry, a plastic looking and tasting omelette, a pork sausage and more cokes than was humanly possible to drink on our 14 hour flight. I was trying to get a sim card for my phone and gave him $20 with a warning about the similarity of notes in the US and to check his change carefully. I also asked him to buy something light and relatively healthy. Needless to say, he game back with $3 dollars change and the greasiest, slimiest looking, processed cheese and egg croissant that I had ever seen. The joys…
Anyway, after a 45 minute bus trip to our hotel, Oliver had started to look a little green and as soon as I opened the door to our room, he ran in and was violently ill. So here I sit, just across the road from the oft touted ‘Happiest Place in the World’ with half a chemist’s stock and a sick little birthday boy.
Fingers crossed for Tomorrow Land.


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8 responses to “Gastro, Ear Infections and the Happiest Place on Earth

  1. Al

    June 19, 2013 at 2:29 am

    Never without challenges are you Sami- G. You write so beautifully, cannot wait for the next instalment! Poor Ol 😦 Things can only improve!! x

  2. susan ross

    June 19, 2013 at 6:13 am

    Yeah….love it. Did you find your purse? Hope tom and ol are ok now. More please.xxxxxx

    • sammygirlrox

      June 22, 2013 at 6:55 am

      Yeah, thank god. In one of many bags. Wish we were meeting you here. xxxx

  3. Kerrie

    June 21, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    Yay another Sammi’s travel blog – the last one led to us booking our one European adventure – Who knows what this one will inspire. Glad you all got there safe in the end, though a little worse for wear. Have fun xx

  4. formal dresses womanwithin

    June 27, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Your writing style says a lot about who you are and in my opinion I’d have to say you’re insightful. This article reflects many of my own thoughts on this subject. You are truly unique.


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