The last Stand

19 Jul

That’s it folks, the last post has been visited and we have started packing our bags. I can’t believe that it is over.
Singapore has been the perfect end to such an adventure.
We are staying with our very dear friends that we met in London so many years ago. Tom thinks that they are so lucky to live their lives in a hotel! It’s actually a condo with a pool. Oliver and Henry spend every moment possible swimming in the expansive pool and I think they would adore being expat children.
Louise has generously taken us on lots of trips to get a feel for this unique Asian city. It’s cleanliness and order is in vast contrast to it’s hectic, polluted cousins Thailand and Vietnam. Having said that, if you scratch the surface a little and head to such gems as little India, you suddenly get a whiff of pungent spices, mingled with the sweaty hustle of people going about their business. The stacked vegetables were works of art, waiting to be sold. Vibrant green snake beans,flaky skinned garlic and huge purple onions sit side by side. Plump, sugar bananas were hung in yellow clumps,providing frames for each vendors stall.
Chinatown was not as rustic. It seemed more orientated towards the tourist market. I had a chuckle as I chanced upon items that I had seen in Crazy Prices, Fairfield, with more expensive price tags.
The food, once again, did not disappoint. Joey and Lou took us to a local Chinese restaurant, where we got stuck into giant, mouth watering chilli crabs. We slurped and sucked on huge pinchers and removed chunks of prized, white flesh. My finger bowl was the size of a thimble and entirely inadequate, as were the toilet paper, square sized serviettes. It was a hugely delicious feast rather than a dainty one.
We also caught up with Master Sherby. Never a dull, sober moment to be had, when he is around. Of course we would not have him any other way! He entertained us with his strange accent (It’s a blend of Aussie, American and Chinese) and made all sorts of promises about hosting us to lavish dinners and wine in the future, as he drank from Joey’s wine cabinet.
So my blog readers, that’s it! It’s over! I’m actually a bit freaked out by the reality check that is in store. Back to work on Monday, basketball, footy, readers, dinners, trips to Coles, dying my hair, losing 25 kilos, gaining back control of my Lord of the Flies children and being back in the cold. It’s all a bit much to absorb.
It really has been an extraordinary adventure. To have had 7 weeks with my family exploring some pretty amazing places is a gift. I hope when I’m home and I start dwelling on some inconsequential problem, I remember how lucky I have been.
And, last but not least, thanks to you, the readers for the likes and encouragement whilst writing this record of our time away.
S x


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2 responses to “The last Stand

  1. al

    July 19, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Well, it is disappointing for US to not be able to continue reading your posts. Can you please start another blog all about basketball, footy, readers, dinners, trips to Coles, dying hair and losing weight? because if it’s written by YOU, then it will be frickin hilarious! xox

  2. wendy whitford

    July 19, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Welcome Home. Reality’ ain’t all bad’ either! Busy is good.
    xx to all Mum


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