Le Nit

15 Jun

Ahhhh, no holiday could be complete without a mad dash to le pharmacie to buy a nit treatment for les enfants.( and potentially moi). Yesterday, sitting in the gentle sunshine, sipping a wonderful coffee, I noticed one of the off spring scratching. Not for a second imagining that it could possibly be nits, I had a casual examination of the child’s head. Happily nestled in between the strands were some beret clad hitchhikers! Now that is exactly what I felt like doing in Paris! Anyway, a treatment and a carafe of wine later, hopefully the situation of le nit is resolved.
Yesterday involved kms of trekking,in order to get around the major sites. We exited the metro at The Champs Élysées and remained on foot until our last port of call at Notre Dame Cathedral(c’est magnifique) Perhaps the highlight was the Eiffel Tower. It was a sight that the kids were familiar with and they loved viewing it from various angles and vantage points. They were particularly amazed that for many years it had been the worlds tallest structure, built specifically for the Paris world fair.
We also had the pleasure of falling victim to a scam. Whilst ambling down a rue, a gentlemen in front of us gleefully found a gold ring. He turned to us and tried it unsuccessfully on all fingers before shaking his head and saying “it does not fit me!” he then turned and gave it to me. Wow, what a nice man I thought, as he turned to walk off. Ha ha, next thing he was back asking for euros. This sequence was repeated in other places but by then we were on to it.
The boys decided that they should sample snails whilst in Paris. I was impressed by their desire to consume this Parisian delicacy. They came out on a little silver tray, oozing butter, garlic and parsley and Tom and Henry instantly decided that they looked a little to like the backyard cousins and declined. Ols, on the other hand licked his lips and sent the first one down the hatch. He loved them and his response was so infectious that it prompted Tom and Hens to taste them. Although not as enthused as the first born, they agreed that they were worth sampling.
Today, we plan to go explore the Catacombes. I’ll update on this soon.
Au revoir,

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Posted by on June 15, 2011 in Diary


One response to “Le Nit

  1. Brigid Sundborn

    June 15, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    A lovely gypsy woman tried the same scam on me outside the Louvre but when I declined to accept the ring (thinking something was a bit strange) she tried to sell me some pot in french suddenly not understanding any english…. Eat some macaroons for us!


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