A little bite of a big apple and a weeny exploration of the family tree.

12 Jun

What a weekend we have just had!    Before I elaborate, perhaps i should back track a little, to keep some chronological order happening. 

I love NYC, in fact, I nearly bought one of those t-shirts just to emphasise the point.  What a city…  We arrived and left during a heat wave, walked miles, ate well and shopped just a little bit. ( Just writing that in case Robb reads this)  we also met up with two Fairfield families and ate out with them on balmy evenings, drinking lovely, thirst quenching Coronas. (Saving the red wine for Italy) 

The boys were very stoic, they battled blisters and perspired continuously, yet kept in good humour and open-mouthed awe of the giant city.   We walked around a quarter of Central Park, (i think it is about a 20km circuit)  Mummy dearest had the idea of heading to Strawberry Fields.  Boys could not understand the logic behind this and were slightly disheartened on arrival, to discover that it was a quiet area, with a small mural.  ¨We walked a million km´s for this!¨    OOps.   However, my whingeing troops still posed with cajoled smiles, under the sign for me.

Tom Tom, is a ferocious diary writer.  He pops out the diary like a Japanese tourist whips out a camera.    He has a section in the diary, reserved for new foods tasted.   To date this includes matzoh soup ( Jewish speciality) club sandwiches, cheese from a bottle and Paella.   Have I got the next Jamie Oliver on my hands?  (I see you roll your eyes….. I agree the bright yellow cheese in the bottle is hardly a gourmet fare, however it is new and it is not Coon.)    Bless his little cotton sport socks, I love reading about his travels from a six-year-old perspective.   Entries include….. I met  Luis, he orders food for us in Spanish and has a weird laugh!       and…… My brothers suck.    Go Tom Tom.

So, after a break down of the car we hired to take us to the airport, we were duly transported by stretch limo to Newark.   We boarded a Lufthansa plane, that resembled one in the Lego collection at home and headed to Madrid.  From here we took a train to where it all started for the van Toledo family, Toledo, Spain.   We were also meeting a very dear friend that we had not seen for 16 years.    So with stomachs sucked in and some poly filler applied we staged our grand reunion.   It was so fabulous to see Luis after such a long time.   We ate, drank, walked and talked our way through the ancient, fortified city.  The boys loved Luis as much as we did and we all feel a little sad this evening to have waved good-bye to him and the town that housed the great, great, great, great, great rellies.  

Toledo is built on a hill that makes your calf muscles sing.   There are elaborate wooden doors, shutters, engraved buildings and other amazingly preserved constructions from the 15th century.   We were hooked on tapas and sampled so many of the offerings.   We were lucky enough to be there at the  time of its local festival.   The town was alive with colour, fireworks and dancing women in traditional costumes.   It really does not get any better.

So now I sit, in a hotel in Madrid, accessing a bit of free wi-fi.   Tomorrow it is an early flight to Paris.

Au revoir,

Moi xx


Moi.  xxx


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2 responses to “A little bite of a big apple and a weeny exploration of the family tree.

  1. mitchy

    July 12, 2011 at 11:03 am

    love it sammy J, tom tom is gorgeous with the fiid diary !

    • sammygirlrox

      July 12, 2011 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks babe! Yes Tom Tom has been the source of much amusement. Looking forward to November to hang out properly. Kisses to you all! Xxx


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