DC and NYC

07 Jun

We absolutely loved Washington DC. In fact we compared parts of it to Melbourne. Food was great, people friendly and the museums were mind blowing. We parted ways on our first day, dividing the troops is quite a nice recipe for a little peace. The third parent ( Oliver, who loves to instruct and reprimand his siblings) and I went to the Holocaust museum. That was incredibly moving. I was a little concerned that it may be too much for the third parent, however, he was fine and walked away with some powerful images and thoughts to dwell upon.
We followed that up with a visit to the American History museum. Absolutely fantastic. I loved the first ladies section. All of the gowns worn to the inaugural balls were on display. Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama’s etc.
Speaking of Obama, we were strolling down the street, a block from our hotel and found the streets roped off and at least 50 secret service cars, motorbikes and a small army of secret service police officers roaming the area. Puzzled, we joined the people watching and were rewarded with a shout and cheer from the crowd and a quick glimpse of Mr President himself. I must confess to a great deal of excitement to see him in the presidential vehicle.
That night the littlies and I went for a balmy stroll, while Robb took Oliver to the entirely inappropriate Hangover 2. They harassed me to enter every cheap, tacky souvenir shop and proceeded to lecture me about “their” money and that they had the right to buy what ever they pleased. Hmmmm, Tom wanted a DC cap that had a beer can attachment and straws to enable him to drink and walk simultaneously and Hens was interested in a fragile glass bottle (imagine gass through the luggage)that had a model of the white house inside. Anyway, the fifteen flavors, self service ice cream shop next door did the trick in diverting attention and leaving said souvenirs for the next quality shoppers.
We caught the train to the big apple yesterday. Arrived in the crowded Amtrak station and stood bewildered as we tried to work out how to get to Grand Central Staion. I asked at an information booth, expecting a lovely and helpful explanation. Instead I was treated with contempt and told to board some random line. I processed the information and set about trying to use the automated ticketing machine. Not having much luck, I headed back to the information booth. Here , I was jeered by the waiting crowd, “Get the laddee a ticket already”. The booth women started ranting at me “I’m not a mind reader ladee, how should I guess that you needed directions and tickets”.
The queue then turned on the booth lady and started yelling at her to “quit tawking and help the ladee”
Welcome to NYC!
After the booth debacle, we encountered the google maps error ( I don’t think it works particularly well in amongst skyscrapers.) anyway 10 blocks passed our hotel, on foot with luggage, we realized our mistake, rectified it and found the hotel. It was a little gem. An obscured view of the Empire State, AC and a block from Grand Central. It is also roomy and spotlessly clean. Yay! We dropped off our stuff, hit the streets and ate incredible pizza on the sidewalk. We also did the touristy thing and jumped aboard a double decker bus and had a guided tour of the city. Ground zero was especially interesting, however, the bustling groovy streets of Greenwich village did it for me.
Oliver has already asked 20 times about some basketball shop, so to keep the troops happy( and of course mumma is a leeetle partial to some old fashion retail therapy) we intend to hit the shops this morning, take in Centeal Park this arvo and meet up with julie, carl and co for dinner tonight.

Love Moi

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  1. Alison Free

    June 7, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    entertaining as usual Sammo, stay safe 🙂 xa


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