Disney and Dc

05 Jun

The life and times of a family abroad.

It is 11.01 pm in Washington and we have just spent a gloriously balmy evening strolling around this majestic city. The White House is quite spectacular and we loved watching the unusually coloured, black squirrels, defy the police and highly skilled snipers (perched on the roof) by frolicking freely on the rolling green lawns.

Our 4 days at Disneyworld was fabulously exhausting. We “did” four parks in four days and covered kilometers of expansive roads and paths. Tom was very taken with the idea and often repeated slogan that “wishes can come true!”. He wished for many riches, more coke and lots more lollies.
Oliver kept discussing in a loud voice, his concern about the obesity of children and adults at the park. Kids walked around all day with giant, refillable soda cups and ate deserts that came with small shovels, due to their size.. It is quite an epidemic, I’m not sure if it is indicative of the country at large( pardon the pun) or just the Disney demographic. Massive families hired motorized buggies to get around. They got priority entry to most rides! I understand that eating disorders are a terrible affliction, but I must say that I think that those born with disabilities should receive priority treatment. Nuff said.
I had downloaded a touring plan, which helped enormously with queue management. We had to arrive early and visit the attractions according to a prescribed sequence. It really did work. We had visited and ridden on most major attractions by lunchtime. We rode the iconic Space Mountain twice. On the second time, we were brought to a sudden halt mid ride and for a few minutes, sat terrified as other carriages remained in working order. We thought we were about to be shunted with tremendous force from behind. Then, they switched the lights on and we saw that there were actually 2 tracks and we were not in peril. It was quite a sight to see, metal tracks that twisted and filled a giant dome. The ride is usually operated in darkness, with flashes of light and the twinkle of stars. Anyway, we were rescued and offered fast passes on rides in compensation.
The food was pretty bad. Fries were served with every meal and soda was on tap. Our kids almost felt embarrassed to drink water. You are pretty much trapped in the resort, unless you get a taxi out of the massive compound. It was about 15 km to get out. So we braved the burgers, fries, waffles, pancakes and deep fried fare. So nice to eat some veggies tonight.
Tomorrow Robb is taking the boys to the Smithsonian and I am going to see the rather harrowing holocaust museum.
S xx

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